How it works

We do just one thing:  work with you to build fantastic, affordable websites that tell the online story of your business, and connect with the people who need you the most. (Well, that actually involves a lot of big and little things, but we do it all really well.)

And our sites are just $1700 for a complete, effective website in just 6 weeks.

The success of your business directly depends on how well your potential clients and customers understand your message and believe that you can serve them.

That’s what our websites are designed to do.

What will my website look like?

We believe a good company eats its own dog food.  So, the website you are viewing right now was built using our Custom WordPress Theme.  It’s a good example of what’s possible, but it’s only one example. 

Check out our story-telling template here.

Remember…everything from the color scheme to the font, and from images to text is customizable.  

The only exception is the order of the stack panels (those rectangular blocks for each section) on the Home page.  Our Custom WordPress Theme has been specifically built to tell the online story of what you do, and help you reach the readers, clients, and customers who are looking for you.

And, if you get stuck, or need help creating that content, our brand and marketing “Get Clear” process will help you find the answers for your business.  Your website will feel like you and your business. We’ve simply taken the guesswork out of planning and organizing it!

What’s included in each website:

  • 5 pages: Home, About, Services, Contact and Blog (although you can change the names of the pages if you want to)
  • 6 weeks from start to launch, including:
    • A 2-week, self-guided Get Clear brand process to clarify your compelling brand identity, and 
    • A 4 week, self-guided content creation process to guide you in creating a compelling story for your business and your website
  • Biz Strategy Guide to help you navigate the web and your business online after launch

What you get to choose:

  • Colors!
  • Heading Fonts!  (This is the font for section titles, blog post titles, and anything you’d use for emphasis.)
  • Imagery, including any and all pictures, textures and graphics on your site 
  • All your content, including basically every word on your site (With our signature Get Clear on Your Brand process, and our Storytelling Custom WordPress Theme to guide you.)

Oh, and did we mention Hosting?

All of our websites are hosted on our own server for just $449 a year, featuring the fastest, most secure, back-end available.  It’s monitored 24×7, and maintained by our in-house Tech Team.

Our Tech Team will build your website based on your brand and design choices, using the content you create. We’ll even help set up your email, register your domain, and keep it current for you!

Then, once your site is launched and LIVE, our VIP Tech Support is just an email away!

If you’d like more help with your website, our $149 monthly maintenance plan works with you to make sure your site can grow with your business.  From adding your latest Blog post, to maintaining your online store, our Tech Team is available 24×7 to help you succeed.

Novel Website Design is your Tech Team!

Sounds great, but how much does it cost?

A great website is the cornerstone to every successful business.  What makes a great website is the platform it’s built on, the people supporting it, and the content it’s built with.

Our proven brand and marketing “Get Clear” process, combined with our solid, expertly designed websites built using our Custom WordPress Theme will tell the online story of your business and connect with the people who need you most is available starting at only $1700.