What We Believe:

You don’t have to have a decade of marketing experience to have an effective, working website.  

You don’t have to be a tech or WordPress whiz, either.  

In fact, your passion alone for what you do is enough to give you insight into your brand identity and content strategy as long as you’re guided and supported by experts.  

Actually, guidance on effective content, clear marketing strategy, and a complete brand assessment should be a part of any quality website design process.  

Finally, the entire process to create your website should be inspiring and fun (although it will surely be challenging), and it should give you an opportunity to play and be creative with your brand and message.

About Walt Brown and the NWD Tech Team

One of the things I love about computer code is how many answers there are…and all of them are correct!  My job is to find the most elegant solution. The one that works best for the project and its owners, but also the one that makes the most sense.

With over 20 years experience building websites, I have seen it all.  I have an extensive background in the code, databases, and designs that make up your website.  My Tech Team and I know HTML, CSS, PHP, SEO, and all the other other acronyms you don’t even want to learn.

Walt Brown - Owner/Lead Developer at Novel Website Design

Novel Website Design is your Tech Team!

Our goal is to support you, and your business…to be your Tech Team.  We want to make sure you aren’t alone in the implementation of new ideas as your business, and readership, grows.

And, because all our websites include VIP Tech Support you’ll get expert answers, and quick updates, with the knowledge and confidence that you and your customers, readers, and clients deserve.  

So, bring your questions, updates, and new business ideas…we’ll help you implement them with the knowledge and expertise needed for success!