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How to Dominate Your Business by the Numbers

google analytics, facebook insights, what numbers should I be watching for my business, top analytics to pay attention toIt’s important (and fascinating!) tracking your business’ analytics and insights reports online. How are people finding you? What kind of content does your audience love most? What strikes them to comment and share with their friends?

These are just a few notes on the special pieces of information you can glean from regularly scheduled “look-sees” at your company’s stats. Let’s take a peek of the few of the most important, shall we?


Your reach is how many people your content “touches” on a daily basis. This is especially important for social media tracking. And, simply enough, the more reach the merrier!

You can increase your reach by using a few simple techniques such as watching what’s “trending” on social media and weaving something relevant into the conversation. For example, as we write this blog post, iconic talk show host David Letterman is about to retire. A feature of his show was his popular “Top Ten” lists. You could potentially tag the show with a link to your own top ten list relating to your company (e.g. “Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Business Coach”#laterletterman @davidletterman).


Engagement measures how many people are interacting with your content. This is the ideal situation for your Facebook content, in order. For example: Sharing (#1 method as it increases reach and touches more people), Commenting (increases engagement factor), and Liking.

Liking content is sort of like a “gold star”. It makes you feel good, but doesn’t do much for your numbers. Your goal should be content so irresistibly interesting and unique that your fans want to share the $#@& out of it to look cool and knowledgeable to their fans and followers.

Referral Sources

Referral sources are incredibly useful reports to look at on your web analytics. Essentially, this set of data gives you insight into where people are coming from when they find your website.

Social media is usually a top referral, self-generated usually by your content. The best use here is to share original content – such as blog posts (like this one!) and post it on your social media pages. In order to read more, your visitors will need to click on your post, whereby they end up on your webpage, and, oh how convenient – they can set an appointment/purchase your product/sign up for your event right there! What a novel idea!

And, if your heaviest referral sources are coming from Google, that means you’re rocking it out with your SEO. People are searching for you and finding you. Woo hoo!

Using the Tools

Try checking your analytics reports weekly, monthly and quarterly to decipher trends and learn more about your prospects out there. If certain topics are getting more hits than others, it’s time to dive deeper into that subject, posting more frequently and exploring the depths of the subject.

If you want to improve your referral sources online to trend toward more successful Google organic searches, try going through your website and weaving in more relevant SEO terms and phrases. Write more blog posts about your client’s pains and problems and how you have the unique ability to solve them.

If you keep on a regular schedule of monitoring your analytics, you will be head of the class when it comes to understanding who is stopping by your site.

Stay tuned for more tips on analytics and insights….and, if you want advice from a professional on your website, contact us today.


You go from that really excited “I have an idea!” place to another place much heavier to bear….maybe one that says…”Why did I do this again?” Sound familiar?

Just remember that you did it because your idea is powerful, you will help others, and you’ll have the freedom to do what you want every day and love it. Your product is amazing and your services are note-worthy. Don’t give up because the ebb and flow gets you seasick. You can do this.

We sometimes get exhausted and run-down too. 


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Yes, glitter only gets us so far sometimes. We love glitter at Novel Website Design….and everything sparkly because we always help you shine online! But sometimes (just sometimes), we need a little boost.

Here are 5 tips to get you out of your funk, remember why you started this whole thing in the first place, and re-energize you so you can be the best you can be to yourself and your clients.

1. Talk to your clients.

Say hello! Send a client e-newsletter. Give them a call and see what they are up to. It won’t take but a moment, and it will help your clients know you’re still there for them. You might learn ways to serve them better and maybe you’ll get a few kind words to make your day awesome.

2. Goal set.

Been awhile since you looked at your goals list? Maybe it’s time to do some spring cleaning. By re-looking at your goals, you might find that you’ve already crossed some off the list. (Woo hoo!) Maybe some of your goals need updating, or maybe you’re setting goals for the first time. Either way, you might get inspired by remembering your short and long-term goals for your business.

3. Meditate or reflect on the beginning.

Bust out your notes from your first meeting with yourself when you came up with your business idea. Write in your journal about why you began your business and what needs of others you were seeking to fill. Find some inspirational quotes to add to your journal writing or go all out and create a vision board. Just spending quite time reflecting on your business could be enough to get your creativity flowing again.

4. Hang out with your peers.

Go to some events that will help you in your business. There are tons on, including our all-time favorites, the Boulder Women’s Wellness Group, Daring Divas and the Business Impact Group (BIG). Do something “crazy” like a local Stitch ‘n Bitch. Or, just call a couple colleagues and get together for tea/lunch/stroll/or whatever else you enjoy doing in your spare time. The camaraderie always energizes us and you might be able to find a solution to a problem you’re facing by asking for advice from a like-minded business owner. Give it a try!

5. Think about your impact.

There are many ways a business can make in impact on the community and world. Ask your favorite non-profits how you can help. Gather a few folks and maybe even turn it into a marketing opportunity. For example, if you’re a life coach, offer to give a free talk at a local women’s shelter. You’ll get to know some new people, introduce them to your business, and do something good for others. It’s a win-win every time. Remember to take lots of picture or video and write about your experience on your blog. It’s a great way to find meaning when you’ve lost some a bit in your business.


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Diane Whiddon, Owner of Novel Website Design & Understander-er of Entrepreneur Struggles

If you liked these tips and want to stay in touch, make sure to sign up for our e-newsletter and like us on Facebook where we strive to provide helpful resources for business owners just like you.

Want to take it a step further? Hire Diane and get clear about your business and purpose. We offer many levels of coaching and lots of events and workshops. Get to know us. We haven’t had a single soul regret it to date.

Thanks for reading!


Did you know that many website design companies and DIY website building programs actually own your website – not you?

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We love WordPress.

Yep. If they happen to go out of business, it’s anyone’s guess what happens to your website (and the thousands of hours it took you to build it). Imagine the terror in not being able to transfer your site to another, more reliable service, like WordPress, and having to literally start from scratch. Your house might as well have burned down, or at least the feeling of loss and anxiety toward rebuilding might feel as devastating at the time.

Not sure about you, but I’d like to own my website! My website is a piece of me. Everything contained in it – my pictures, my words, my ideas.

And they deserve a powerful, community-based, open source, content management system platform (a what?) – simply put, they need WordPress. It’s just the best option out there.

As with all important purchases in your life, your website is one of the most important, if not the most important investment in your business.

Read about all the bells & whistles Novel Website Design provides. When you shop quality, you get personal, customized service. Go with a pro for something this crucial. Then, we give you all the tools you need to endlessly update and tinker away whenever you feel like it. Because it’s your website, and because it’s WordPress, you own it.

Read more tips and reasons why WordPress is the best platform for your company website.


We knew WordPress was awesome for plenty of reasons. But this? Way to go WordPress!

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Socially conscious organizations are a showing of positive change in the world. WordPress supports and encourages giving, diversity, education, mentorship and multi-media – just to name a few.

Our favorite selections:

  • WordCamp Central Annual Conference
  • Non-Profit Site Builds
  • Diversity Outreach
  • Mentorship Programs
  • Internship/Who’s Hiring Directory

By the way, WordCamp Central?

This is a really big deal annual conference put on by local communities, featuring expert speakers on all things WordPress. And…guess what?

Our very own Diane Whiddon, owner and founder of Novel Website Design has been asked to be a guest speaker.

Save the date: Saturday, June 13. More details to follow.

The WordPress Community Team site just launched in February 2015 and they are still looking for volunteers, educators, techs and more. What a great way to get involved with an uber-hip movement, learn, and give back to the community. It shows they are truly an organization that is growing positively in the right direction. It’s socially conscious, community, and education-focused projects point the organization towards longevity and as a leader in website platforms.

Yep! Just another reason why we love WordPress. Read even more WordPress tips here.

Everything in PJs?

Posted by Kim Johnson in Business, Marketing, Website

Working from home is a luxury many can only dream of!

Working in PJs? Meetings in PJs? Everything in PJs?????

But after a while, you get lonely and tend to watch trippy cactus videos instead of working.

So…we’ve recently moved to Boulder Digital Arts! It’s so nice having people working around us. Plus, we’re surrounded by really cool art and we get to work in one of the hippest cities ever – Boulder!

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Boulder Digital Arts

If I ever miss home…this piece reminds me daily why we moved into BDA out of the ole home office: “Why working from home is awesome and horrible.”

Anyway, this means that we can serve you even better!

If you’ve had creating a new website or updating your website on your list for a long time now, it’s really time to set a free consultation!

It’s easier than ever. You can set a phone call, or come visit us in our new space.

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We’ve revamped our website packages. Don’t try to DIY.

(You’ll more than likely get a WTF).

Diane Whiddon, Novel Website Design, DIY website, wordpress, create a website

Don’t turn “DIY” into “WTF”.

Talk about user friendly. 

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WordPress is your friend!

WordPress is what we use, and it’s really the best web development platform out there. It’s the most easily searchable, it’s the most easily edited and modified, it’s open source and accessible to absolutely anyone, and it’s really easy to use!

1. For so many years in the history of sales and marketing, it was one-way – from the business, to the customer. Now, with the invent of blogging and social media, we are able to interact with our clients like never before. WordPress began as a blogging platform and expanded into what it is today. We’re proud to be a

Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to set up your own site, we’ll take care of that (and make sure it’s got all the bells and whistles). But once we do, we give you a plethora of help on how to do all sorts of fun things to your site – totally on your own. Freedom awaits.

2. You can add widgets to your site to showcase your social media, feature your latest tweets, or whatever else you dream up. You can even add call to action buttons and parallax scrolling (you might need us on that – it’s all the rage right now). Really, your mind is the limit!

But overall, it’s just a really friendly site!

3. To technie nerds like some of us…we find the best part to be the tracking feature. Wordpress gives you awesome analytics to see how many visits you’re getting on your site, where they’re coming from and what people are clicking on.

It’s incredibly insightful.

And that’s another reason why WordPress is best! Ready to build? Start here.

Some web developers use internal software that you only have access to if you pay them. 

WordPress is open source. Think: Free!

We don’t recommend putting yourself through the trial and error of setting up your WordPress site on your own, but once we’re done, we provide you with countless video tutorials and resources to update and tinker away as your business grows.

huh, open source software, WordPress, how to build a website, Novel Website DesignA common problem with some web design companies is that they design your website, you love it, then later when you want to update or make changes, they are nowhere to be found, or they want to charge exorbitant prices (again!). No thanks.

What then? Pay all over again just to have it happen again somewhere down the line? No way.

Guess what? Yep, Wordpress wins again.

We won’t “hold you ransom” for updates. If you ever want us to give your website a makeover, we always can, but we empower you to use and enjoy your site and continue to customize it even after we deliver it to you. The time you save having us build your WordPress site and the money you save afterward by being able to update on your own is a huge value.

And, WordPress ain’t goin’ nowhere. There are over 60 million WordPress sites out there including ones you might use daily like Spotify and

Get in with the greats and start something powerful from the beginning. And that’s just one more reason why WordPress is best. Get started on yours today.

Which one helps my website get found most easily?

Yippety Yay! You’re starting a business. Or, you finally decided that a savvy, professional website really is the foundation that you’ve been needing.

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Now, if you’re the type of entrepreneur who tries to DIY it all, then you might be considering the “dark side” of the web….Go Daddy, WIX, or SquareSpace. Now, we must say that this is our personal opinion (based off 9 years of expertise though, mind you), but we recommend that you stay far, far. far away from starting your website on any of these platforms.

The reality? Most likely you will just have to switch to WordPress eventually.

WordPress is open source software and a “CMS” or Content Management System. So, what’s that you say?

Think of this…when you type up a document in Word, let’s say you’re writing a novel – something lengthy. Then, you need to search for something very specific within the content. You just hit the old control + F, type in your word, and voila, it’s found. That’s essentially how Google searches and understands Wordpress sites.

Now, imagine you had written your novel entirely composed of text boxes. You still need to find this one tiny thing, so you control + F, type in your word, but alas….nothing is found. This is Squarespace, WIX, and Go Daddy Website Builder. They use “frames” to basically put your content in text boxes all over your site, rendering it pretty, but essentially non-existent.

We make WordPress sites pretty and WordPress makes it searchable. Talk about a win win!

So that’s just one of the many reasons you need a WordPress site. Ready for the next one?

Back in the day….like in the late 1800’s, early 1900’s, If you had a good product, people would buy it. Services were plain sight. If you had a plowing business, you might use your last name and put it together: J&K’s Plowing.

cocaine drops, 1800s advertisements, branding, history of branding, branding a service business

People thought this was a great product! No branding necessary!

It was clear what you did, and that’s all that mattered. There was no differentiation between how you did it, or what groups of people were best served by your service or product.

Branding came later.

Once commercialism had reached a pivotal point in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s (think: Mad Men era), consumers needed a way to figure out the difference between very similar products and services.

Simon Clift, Chief Marketing Officer of Unilever, describes branding this way: A brand is the contract between a company and consumers. A bundle of contracts, in fact. And the consumer is the judge and the jury. If he or she believes a company is in breach of that contract either by under performing or straying from its core values, the consumer will simply choose to enter a contract with another brand.

Discovering your company’s brand has many benefits.

It’s sort of like a map for your business. Once you know who you are, it’s easier to write about it, talk about it, and sell it. Your ideal clients will gravitate to it. It will look, feel, smell and taste authentic. You’ll be able to create marketing campaigns based on your brand. You’ll be able to partner with supportive businesses who understand your brand and mission.

Finding your brand isn’t easy. It’s hard to see the forest through the trees when you own a small business.

Try this exercise. Text five of your closest friends or colleagues and ask them to give you three words that either describe you (if your business is consulting, or centers around you as a person), or describe your business.

The results will not only make you feel great all day (we guarantee it!), but you’ll also get an idea of what other think about you and what you do. If it’s a little off, or not what you expected, adjust. If it’s spot on, keep doing what you’re doing and continue working toward exemplifying those words.

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After that…come to our Make Your Website Awesome Workshop all about Envisioning Your Company’s Brand on Monday, April 13th at 9:30am at the Holobeing in Boulder. The intimate, informal class offers plenty of time for self-introspection, Q&A, and individual attention.

Diane Whiddon started Novel Website Design nine years ago to help creative-types get an online presence. Her “failed” career as a romance novelist helped her fall in love with helping others be their best selves and enjoy running their successful businesses.

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