Social Media Permission Slip

08 Jun 2014, Posted by Diane in Desktop Downloads, Permission Slips, Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, …?  Do what you want!  This slip grants you permission to the exact amount and kind of social media promotion you want to.  (I wish there were more of these out there.)     Print it out and post it anywhere you need this reminder,…

Permission Slips for Entrepreneurs

08 Jun 2014, Posted by Diane in Permission Slips

These permission slips give you permission to remember what matters–that done is better than perfect, that creating something you love every day is better than the accolades you get from the final creation, that comparison is an act of violence against the self, and at…

The Importance of Being an Entrepreneur

05 Jun 2014, Posted by Diane in Business, Passion

I believe that entrepreneurs will save the world.  That might seem like a tall order, but I think it’s possible. You see, I believe that everyone has a business inside of them.  Everyone I’ve met has an idea for something that they’d like to give…

Hosting – an Explanation

04 Jun 2014, Posted by Diane in Business, Website

Hosting doesn’t get a lot of attention, but it’s actually pretty important.  Most people seem to think that all hosting is the same, so they just look for whatever is cheapest or the most popular.  As with most things, this is a usually a mistake….

Does my website need music?

12 Jan 2014, Posted by Diane in Marketing, User Experience, Website

No.  It doesn’t. Just no. Seriously. (Sigh.)  Okay, here’s a more in depth answer, even though what’s above is really all you need. It’s been a while since music on a website was a hot new trend, but I still get this question every once…