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Everything in PJs?

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Working from home is a luxury many can only dream of!

Working in PJs? Meetings in PJs? Everything in PJs?????

But after a while, you get lonely and tend to watch trippy cactus videos instead of working.

So…we’ve recently moved to Boulder Digital Arts! It’s so nice having people working around us. Plus, we’re surrounded by really cool art and we get to work in one of the hippest cities ever – Boulder!

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Boulder Digital Arts

If I ever miss home…this piece reminds me daily why we moved into BDA out of the ole home office: “Why working from home is awesome and horrible.”

Anyway, this means that we can serve you even better!

If you’ve had creating a new website or updating your website on your list for a long time now, it’s really time to set a free consultation!

It’s easier than ever. You can set a phone call, or come visit us in our new space.

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We’ve revamped our website packages. Don’t try to DIY.

(You’ll more than likely get a WTF).

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Don’t turn “DIY” into “WTF”.

Talk about user friendly. 

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WordPress is your friend!

WordPress is what we use, and it’s really the best web development platform out there. It’s the most easily searchable, it’s the most easily edited and modified, it’s open source and accessible to absolutely anyone, and it’s really easy to use!

1. For so many years in the history of sales and marketing, it was one-way – from the business, to the customer. Now, with the invent of blogging and social media, we are able to interact with our clients like never before. WordPress began as a blogging platform and expanded into what it is today. We’re proud to be a

Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to set up your own site, we’ll take care of that (and make sure it’s got all the bells and whistles). But once we do, we give you a plethora of help on how to do all sorts of fun things to your site – totally on your own. Freedom awaits.

2. You can add widgets to your site to showcase your social media, feature your latest tweets, or whatever else you dream up. You can even add call to action buttons and parallax scrolling (you might need us on that – it’s all the rage right now). Really, your mind is the limit!

But overall, it’s just a really friendly site!

3. To technie nerds like some of us…we find the best part to be the tracking feature. Wordpress gives you awesome analytics to see how many visits you’re getting on your site, where they’re coming from and what people are clicking on.

It’s incredibly insightful.

And that’s another reason why WordPress is best! Ready to build? Start here.

Some web developers use internal software that you only have access to if you pay them. 

WordPress is open source. Think: Free!

We don’t recommend putting yourself through the trial and error of setting up your WordPress site on your own, but once we’re done, we provide you with countless video tutorials and resources to update and tinker away as your business grows.

huh, open source software, WordPress, how to build a website, Novel Website DesignA common problem with some web design companies is that they design your website, you love it, then later when you want to update or make changes, they are nowhere to be found, or they want to charge exorbitant prices (again!). No thanks.

What then? Pay all over again just to have it happen again somewhere down the line? No way.

Guess what? Yep, Wordpress wins again.

We won’t “hold you ransom” for updates. If you ever want us to give your website a makeover, we always can, but we empower you to use and enjoy your site and continue to customize it even after we deliver it to you. The time you save having us build your WordPress site and the money you save afterward by being able to update on your own is a huge value.

And, WordPress ain’t goin’ nowhere. There are over 60 million WordPress sites out there including ones you might use daily like Spotify and

Get in with the greats and start something powerful from the beginning. And that’s just one more reason why WordPress is best. Get started on yours today.

Which one helps my website get found most easily?

Yippety Yay! You’re starting a business. Or, you finally decided that a savvy, professional website really is the foundation that you’ve been needing.

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Now, if you’re the type of entrepreneur who tries to DIY it all, then you might be considering the “dark side” of the web….Go Daddy, WIX, or SquareSpace. Now, we must say that this is our personal opinion (based off 9 years of expertise though, mind you), but we recommend that you stay far, far. far away from starting your website on any of these platforms.

The reality? Most likely you will just have to switch to WordPress eventually.

WordPress is open source software and a “CMS” or Content Management System. So, what’s that you say?

Think of this…when you type up a document in Word, let’s say you’re writing a novel – something lengthy. Then, you need to search for something very specific within the content. You just hit the old control + F, type in your word, and voila, it’s found. That’s essentially how Google searches and understands Wordpress sites.

Now, imagine you had written your novel entirely composed of text boxes. You still need to find this one tiny thing, so you control + F, type in your word, but alas….nothing is found. This is Squarespace, WIX, and Go Daddy Website Builder. They use “frames” to basically put your content in text boxes all over your site, rendering it pretty, but essentially non-existent.

We make WordPress sites pretty and WordPress makes it searchable. Talk about a win win!

So that’s just one of the many reasons you need a WordPress site. Ready for the next one?

Back in the day….like in the late 1800’s, early 1900’s, If you had a good product, people would buy it. Services were plain sight. If you had a plowing business, you might use your last name and put it together: J&K’s Plowing.

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People thought this was a great product! No branding necessary!

It was clear what you did, and that’s all that mattered. There was no differentiation between how you did it, or what groups of people were best served by your service or product.

Branding came later.

Once commercialism had reached a pivotal point in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s (think: Mad Men era), consumers needed a way to figure out the difference between very similar products and services.

Simon Clift, Chief Marketing Officer of Unilever, describes branding this way: A brand is the contract between a company and consumers. A bundle of contracts, in fact. And the consumer is the judge and the jury. If he or she believes a company is in breach of that contract either by under performing or straying from its core values, the consumer will simply choose to enter a contract with another brand.

Discovering your company’s brand has many benefits.

It’s sort of like a map for your business. Once you know who you are, it’s easier to write about it, talk about it, and sell it. Your ideal clients will gravitate to it. It will look, feel, smell and taste authentic. You’ll be able to create marketing campaigns based on your brand. You’ll be able to partner with supportive businesses who understand your brand and mission.

Finding your brand isn’t easy. It’s hard to see the forest through the trees when you own a small business.

Try this exercise. Text five of your closest friends or colleagues and ask them to give you three words that either describe you (if your business is consulting, or centers around you as a person), or describe your business.

The results will not only make you feel great all day (we guarantee it!), but you’ll also get an idea of what other think about you and what you do. If it’s a little off, or not what you expected, adjust. If it’s spot on, keep doing what you’re doing and continue working toward exemplifying those words.

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After that…come to our Make Your Website Awesome Workshop all about Envisioning Your Company’s Brand on Monday, April 13th at 9:30am at the Holobeing in Boulder. The intimate, informal class offers plenty of time for self-introspection, Q&A, and individual attention.

Diane Whiddon started Novel Website Design nine years ago to help creative-types get an online presence. Her “failed” career as a romance novelist helped her fall in love with helping others be their best selves and enjoy running their successful businesses.

Register Now


who am I, how to attract clients I like working with, authenticity, authentic, make your website awesome, Diane Whiddon, Novel Website DesignYou’ve heard it all by now right? Advertising, networking, having a great website, branding, cold calling…pick your poison.

Guess what? None of it matters if you’re not writing in a way that speaks to your potential clients.

We’re taught to be super formal in school because that’s how others think your’e supposed to come off. Academic, scholarly, expert-ish.

But, are you being real? Or, are you just writing what you think you’re “supposed” to write according to all the research you’ve read or what you’ve been taught your writing is supposed to sound and feel like?

Well, it’s time to throw it all out the window and look in the mirror.

Yep. All the experts out there can do as much jibber jabbering as they want, but they’ll never be able to tell you how to write like you. And being you is the best way to attract potential clients. That’s the secret. When you write like a human, others relate. When you share your weaknesses, others relate. And, when you write authentically and consistently, your prospects will begin to trust you and the sales process begins.

who am I, how to attract clients I like working with, authenticity, authentic, make your website awesome, Diane Whiddon, Novel Website Design, quotes about authenticityHow to start, you may ask? I like this quote from the blog at, “Producing authentic content and staying true to your brand’s personality will help to engage readers on a personal level. It encourages them to share your information, and helps them to trust you and believe when you say you have their best interests at heart. Keeping it real builds a genuine relationship between your company and your customers, which will pay dividends in customer loyalty and long-term sales.”

“I need inspiration! Will you help me?” Yes….here you go:

– What’s a story of failure that turned into success, surprised you, that you learned from?

– What’s a story of your humble beginnings and how did part of it lead to where you are today?

– What’s a story about how your service or product had an unusual effect with one of your clients?

And, if you’re a one-person business…throw out the rule that you must use “we” to describe what you do. It’s totally okay to use “I” and, I encourage it! Let your readers know there’s a real person behind your words and you’ll start the trust building right off the bat!

Want more? You’re just in time. Join us for an in-person workshop where we’ll cover all of this and more. Register on our Events Page, or Contact us here. There are 5 sessions left. Buy 3 for $175 or 1 for $45 and get ready to Make Your Website Awesome.

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Diane Whiddon, Authenticity & Website Medicine Woman



Being authentic is realizing that you don’t always land on your feet, sometimes you have spinach stuck in your teeth, and occasionally, you make a huge fail.

Sometimes you aim high and almost get there, but you feel a little like this pup that almost made it.

Funny dog fail, epic fail, how to make my website better, how to get over failing in my business

Many of my a-ha moments have come from me screwing up in my business. It’s been dropping deadlines and picking myself up from that, or completely missing the point of what a client wanted or needed from their site design, or quite honestly, realizing in the middle of a client consult that I was actually talking about myself instead of talking to my client. (Don’t worry, these things happen rarely, and I always make sure my clients have a great experience with me, but hey, this has happened before!)

Can you relate? Sure you can! It happens to everyone.

And, when you address your own humility, acknowledge we’re all human and that we’re truly all the same, it’s easy to understand why others relate when we’re simply ourselves. Same goes with attracting potential clients. When you are yourself, you attract authenticity.

My next workshop is all about authenticity. How can you write content for your website that feels like you and still works? Join me on March 9th from 9:30am – 11:30am at the Holobeing to learn how. We’re keeping class sizes small for individual attention, so bring your questions, your laptop or notebook, and an open mind.

Landing on your website should feel to a visitor like walking into your office, sitting down for a session with you, or shaking your hand at an event.  And it should start promoting your business in the first 2 seconds that it appears on someone’s screen.

make your website awesome, workshops, Diane Whiddon, Novel Website Design, how to make my website betterWorried about cost? It’s budget friendly – just $45 for one class or $125 for three. (We recommend going ‘pro status’ and joining us for as many as you can, but of course, we’re partial).

View the schedule and sign up here.

Or, How one woman learned to do what she loves for a living: An Interview with Diane Whiddon

Fabio Book Cover

Diane founded Novel Website Design to help authors get their name out and shine online. The name is a nod to her beginnings as a romance novelist. “I quit law school to write romance novels.  Seriously,” she said. Unfortunately though, she wasn’t finishing them.

Then, at a writer’s group she had joined to hone her craft, (and perhaps assist with those ever elusive novel endings), a girl came in showing off her brand new website. “Back then, it was a novelty for authors to have one.” (Side note…check out these 17 “ancient” websites that still work!) Diane said, “It definitely sparked my interest. But, I thought I could do better.  So, I started playing around with different programs and eventually taught myself how to build websites. I built a couple sites for fellow authors, and then more authors started requesting me. After a while, a few writers’ organizations came to me, and eventually, I realized I was making more money building websites than writing unfinished novels. My journey began.”

As much as Diane had hoped, it wasn’t glitter and unicorns all the time (just most of the time, which is still great).

Diane Whiddon

Diane Whiddon

“Most of my a-ha moments have come from me, on my yoga mat, or in my meditation, or from screwing up in my business.  It’s been dropping deadlines and picking myself up from that, or completely missing the point of what a client wanted or needed from their site design, or, quite honestly, realizing in the middle of client consult that I was actually talking about myself instead of talking to my client.”

How does she deal with being human?

“I just remember sometimes that everything, everything, everything that exists is made up of this powerful, beautiful energy that is really just love.  It also reminds me that we’re all connected and that every time I look in someone’s eyes, I’m seeing a precious expression of divinity. That grounds me when I’m about to get up somewhere and talk about money and sales.”

Yes, you can sell your products in an authentic way while remaining true to your spiritual essence and Diane consciously shows you how. Diane is an acclaimed public speaker and self-proclaimed “website medicine woman.” Through Novel Website Design, she focuses on serving others in a heart-centered way and helping them live their passion to be self-sufficient.

  “Being an entrepreneur is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It’s constantly challenging, but I love it. I’ve never had this kind of freedom or excitement working for someone else. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Diane wants all entrepreneurs (or soon to be entrepreneurs) to have this same feeling. Check out her series of heart-centered workshops to “Make Your Website Awesome” so you can also learn to master your own website and marketing.

Classes will be held at one of our favorite wellness community centers, the Holobeing in Boulder and are sponsored by the Boulder Women’s Wellness Group. View the schedule and sign up here. Topics include SEO, writing great content, sales 101, how to make passive income through your website, and more. All workshops are two hours and cost just $45 for one, $125 for 3, or $200 for all 6.

Experience freedom and learn from the shaman of websites herself, Diane Whiddon. Contact Us to Learn More.



Medicine Woman

Heal your website and business with Diane Whiddon, Website Medicine Woman

The world is constantly changing, but we already knew that! It’s difficult to keep up, that’s for sure. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in 2014 to carry us and our businesses into the new year, it’s to do what you do well, and outsource the rest. Not only will you save time on the learning curve, but you’ll be able to really put power where you shine – instead of walking wibbly wobbly on a tightrope. (Think: I sorta got this, so I got this. No, actually you don’t, so why are you trying so hard? Just ask for help!)

This year, we are offering a series of workshops to help support you, learn & grow with you, and most important – heal your website.

Or, if you don’t have a website yet, we’ll teach you the ropes so you won’t need to call us for major surgery on it later. Our classes take a collaborative approach. There will be lots of Q&A and individual attention spent on each attendee.

First up – we tackle how exactly search engines work and how your business gets found online. How do you get from page 4 on Google to page 1? What are the rules? What are some strategies that you can put into your own business today? With expert website designer, businesses owner, and SEO technical guru, Diane Whiddon, you can be an expert too after attending this affordable class. (Just $45 for one, or $200 for the whole series).

Join us on Monday, February 9th from 9:30 – 11:30am for some one-on-one healing with Website Medicine Woman, Diane Whiddon.

Our workshops will be held at Holobeing in Boulder (a multi-dimensional health & wellness community center – the perfect place to heal your biz!). For more information, and to sign up, check out our events page, or shoot us an email at