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Everything you need to succeed online.


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The Team


Diane Whiddon

Walt Brown

Sarah Marie Lacy - NWD

Kim Johnson - NWD

Abbey Charles - NWD

Michelle Williams - NWD Word Ninja

Sam Doran

We Believe…

That the internet is a beautiful, amazing place to connect with your right people.

That the best websites have more of YOU in them.

That shining your light is ultimately easier and less painful than hiding it.

That marketing is soul work.

That there has never been a better time to get your stuff out there.

That glitter makes everything better.

That money is awesome.

In beauty.

In possibility.

In you.

“You really helped me find the little gold ember in my heart, and bring it out in my copy. THAT is so valuableā€¦. I now know WHO I am talking to, and WHY I bother talking in the first place. You helped me step into my ideal client’s skin, and experience her pain and longing. Now I know why my work is so important, and it’s easy for me to convey in my writing and my speaking.

Every time I write new copy or create a new product, I go back to my notes from our meeting and get super clear on what my purpose is. Your support and encouragement throughout this growth process has been absolutely vital, and if I could grab every single one of my entrepreneur friends into your office, I would.”

– Lily Calfee, Ideal Nourishment