The Process

Questionnaire and Strategy Building

Once you become a client of Novel Website Design, we’ll start getting to know you and your business so we can build a website you love and a rock-solid strategy for online success.  We believe the most successful sites are content-driven, so we’ll ask you to get really clear on your vision for your biz and your website.  We’ll ask you to invest time and effort in filling out our Initial Client Questionnaire that will tell us everything from your favorite colors to what you love most about what you do.  We’ll also ask for you to give us all of your completed content before we begin the build of your site.


Design Stage

Based on the information you provide to us in your questionnaire and the completed content you’ve given us, we’ll build the ‘beta’ version of your website.  Then we’ll rely on you to give us clear and specific feedback to revise and tweak it to make sure the look and feel of the website reflects your vision for your business.  During this stage it will be crucial for you to give us as much clear feedback as possible, so we can build the exact site you envision for your biz.


Construction Stage

While our coders are making pixel magic happen to refine your design, we’ll also add details like social media icons, plugins, and other details to make sure your site is responsive and a cut above the rest.  If this is a Premium Website package, we will also help you refine and hone your content and plan your SEO strategy.

Launch and Consultation Begins

Woohoo!  You’re LIVE!  Once you’re live on the interwebs, we’ll move you into your Hosting and Maintenance package (if you’re hosting with us).  That will include your monthly support for updates to WordPress, any Plugins, and backups of your site, to make sure your site is up to date and running smoothly.  We’ll also provide you with our Launch Package to make sure you’re familiar with your WordPress tutorials, SEO workbook, and other information to make sure your site is successful.  If you’re not hosting with us, we’ll make sure your site is running well, and we’ll give you info on how to contact our support line in the future if you ever need us.

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