How SEO Really Works

How SEO Really Works

Search Engines = Google

gearsThe first thing you should know is that for our purposes, we’ll pretty much use “Google” and “search engines” interchangeably.  Over 90% of all searches are done on Google.  A handful belong to Yahoo and Bing, but not many.  Google is really the only game in town.

Google Tracks Relevance

There are two basic truths that form the foundation of all good SEO practices:

  1. Everyone comes to the internetGoogle for information.
  1. Google makes almost all of their money from paid, targeted ads.

That means that Google is very motivated give everyone the absolute best search results for their searches, so people will keep using them and they can keep pursuing Big Brother status.

For example, if you used Google to search for “personal injury attorneys” and you got back results that included hand-quilting and cat videos, you probably wouldn’t use Google again.

Google really wants to make sure that people searching for information get relevant, accurate results.  If you want good search results, you just have to make yourself relevant for the keywords you want to be found with.

Which means you should talk a lot about what you do, who you do it for, and how you do it.  You want to show Google that when people search for “exactly what you do” that you’re the best result out there.

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