eBook Cover Design

All of my book cover designs are high-resolution for-the-web designs.  They start at $300.

Design packages that include formatting for the Kindle and Nook start at $350 for both design and manuscript formatting.

I also do print covers for POD publishing that include a back cover design, blurb, and spine image, all in high-res 300 dpi graphics.  These start at $850.











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“When Diane Whiddon says she’s a geek goddess, it’s not just some marketing puffery—she backs up her seemingly hyperbolic claim with fantastic work. Diane has done all of my covers, and it’s gotten to the point where she appears to know what I want even before I do. I often wonder if she’s telepathic or her PC has superpowers.

Diane and her team are an absolute pleasure to deal with. They do great work in a timely fashion, and, at this point, I can’t imagine going anywhere else for my covers and formatting!”

– author Kiki Wellington


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