When you think Security, don’t forget Cyber!

When you think Security, don’t forget Cyber!

After the recent Presidential debate, security of every kind is at the front of everyone’s mind…or should be!  And, while conventional, physical-world security like door locks are very well-known, cyber security is still unknown to many.  But, it is becoming more important every day!

Ransomware, which is just one example of cyber terrorism, should be something you know about, and actively defend your business against.  The idea that everything you rely on to run your business would be held “hostage” until you either pay to get it back, or it’s deleted, is terrifying.

I met Brad Stanton of ComputerWorx in Boulder, CO at the SEO Workshop Diane Whiddon had in August.  As Brad states in the latest Blog post, “Regardless of which side of the political pendulum you may find yourself, the importance of cyber security should be self-evident to every American.”


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