Scared About Getting a Website?  Getting Clear will help.

Scared About Getting a Website? Getting Clear will help.

Terrified about getting your new site?  Having a hard time deciding on the layout, design, or content?

You’re not alone.

Most of my clients freak out a little bit during the design process, the build, or the launch.  It’s just the nature of it.

If you’re a client of mine, you’re not a clock-in and clock-out type of person.  You’re an entrepreneur who loves what you do.  You’re passionate.  And you live to serve your primary demographic.

That’s awesome.  Working with you guys is the greatest pleasure of my work.  Helping someone who loves what they do find a way to do more of it, do it better, and have more fun at it, is my life’s work.

But I empathize with you because that makes getting a website difficult and terrifying.  You’re not just putting up a standard website with some generic copy that follows some formulaic marketing program; you’re taking what you most care about, what you love and live for, and you’re putting it out into the world for everyone to see.  You’re staking your claim, and that takes guts, courage, and brilliance.

It’s totally understandable to be scared, nervous, insecure, and doubtful.

It’s also totally NORMAL.

And if you know that you’re scared, so much the better.

Kudos to you for your self-awareness.  You’re getting ready for some massive changes and everything you’re doing right now is setting the stage and paving the way for your very own brand of BIGNESS.  Make no mistake, the vision for your life that you created eons ago is coming to fruition with each step you’re taking now.

The big audiences, the packed calendar, the sold-out events, the pile of finished books, or whatever your personal dreams are, are all opening up in the ether right now because you’re being brave enough to take the tiny little steps–blog posts, new home page copy, a website with your clear life-vision for the world to see–that will blow the Universe wide open for you.  The force that spins the earth itself has been waiting on this for you, and now that you’re doing it, the entire Universe is gearing up to support you.

I get how big this is.  It should  feel big.

This isn’t just about a website strategy; this is about the change you’re igniting in yourself and the world.

So please take care of yourself and ask for what you need.  Take extra time.  Slow the wheel and check in with yourself.

What do you most love to do in your biz?


Take time to revisit what you love about your work.  That’s at the core of what you’re creating, and it’s probably what you’re best at.  It’s also what’s going to propel you toward success.

Trust that if you really love to do it, people are out there looking for it.  What you are seeking is seeking you.  Right now, people are looking for what you do, but they can’t find it because you’re either not providing it or not broadcasting it, so they’re settling for someone else.

So take time to figure out what you most want to do, why you most want to do it, and how you want to get it out there.  Then honor that by following through.  Develop the content, get the site built, devote your time to fulfilling your dream.

And through it all, be gentle with yourself.  You’re doing great, it’s all happening in perfect timing, and all the resources you could ever want are at your fingertips.

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