Why WordPress is Better: 3 Things DIY Website Template Builders Won’t Tell You

Why WordPress is Better: 3 Things DIY Website Template Builders Won’t Tell You

Why Should You Care About Building Your Website in WordPress?

If you’ve even dipped your toe in the water of building a website, chances are good that you’ve come across at least one or two of the different software tools you can use for the job. Word Press, Weebly, Wix, GoDaddy, Squarespace—if you’re like most people, these may as well be the names of foreign countries. How on earth would you pick one—and even more important, why does it even matter?

Truth is, it does matter. Like, a lot. And for more than one reason.

WordPress =Empowerment

Novel Website Design builds websites. We would love to build a site for you. When we do, we’ll bend over backwards to help you out with it—the maintenance, the support, the details. But guess what? Because WordPress is so popular, you can go online and find endless hours of tutorials for how to take care of your site on your own. You’re not stuck paying us for tweaks, changes, upgrades. Google tutorials can show you just about anything you need to know.

This is true because WordPress is open source software, meaning the basic version of it is free an available to anyone. This is more than just a kind of software. It’s a state of mind. That mindset, the one of independence and empowerment, really shapes the way WordPress “happens” in the world.Puzzle Solved And 3d Characters Shows Unity And Teamwork

People rally around it because users have control of their own sites. Coders contribute to it in all kinds of unpaid ways, simply because they want their work on the internet to make the world a better place.

If you work in a template builder like Wix or GoDaddy, it may seem like you are empowered. After all, the learning curve for using these platforms is definitely smaller than it is with WordPress. That’s what those companies count on, though—people looking for a quick fix who don’t understand the bigger picture and long-term ramifications. Keep reading.


If someone builds a website for you in WordPress, you will be able to take it anywhere. You don’t have to keep your site at any particular host or even get help from any specific designer. Guess what? That just ain’t so with template builders. They may get you up quick, but they also get you in their pockets and keep you there. You will lose your site if you ever want to move to another provider.

In my mind, that alone is enough to keep me from ever recommending a template builder to my clients. If you build in one of these platforms, you are married to that company. Any of its business decisions, any of its ups and downs, any decisions it makes around coding & apps affect your business. In essence, you’ve got another business partner—but in this case, one you’ve never met, can’t communicate with, and have no say in any of its decisions. No thanks.

WordPress =Increase Website Traffic

One of the most important reasons you should care? Getting traffic to your site. If that matters to you at all—and I’m guessing that’s your main purpose for building a website in the first place—then I strongly recommend you build a site in Word Press.

Yes, there are lots of folks out there hawking supposedly easy-peasy, DIY website designer tools that sound great. For a fraction of the cost of hiring a designer, or a fraction of the time it would take for you to learn a platform like Word Press, you can have a website up and running on your own. Why not save some money or time or both and get yourself up quick?

What those sites won’t tell you? A few key things, actually. One, most of these sites have really messy code that google can’t read. What does that mean, in layman’s terms? If google can’t easily read the code of your site, then it won’t share your site with other people in its search engine. In other words, people won’t be able to find your site.

Let me tell you, this is real and not just a techie snob perspective. I had a client who came to me looking for help with driving traffic to her site. She had built the site on one of the most popular drag-and-drop platforms out there because it was easy and she wanted to get started cheap and fast. But she simply was not getting any hits to her site.

She and I worked together on it for about six months, employing all my best SEO strategies—I’m talking solid strategies here, the ones I see work for my WordPress clients consistently. But her traffic went up only a tiny percent. Google just didn’t want to wade through all that ugly, messy code that comes with any website built in the template builder she used, so it ranked her low every time. Ugh.

Sites built in WordPress are clean and clear. Google likes them. And since Google is Lord of the Internet Universe, we like what Google likes. WordPress Goes the Distance with Performance We get it. The the time it takes to understand how to use WordPress seems at first like a deal breaker. But good WordPress sites run faster, and you can build them to do just about anything you want.

Puzzle BackgroundIf you think of your website like your modern-day storefront, does it make sense to get yourself locked into a lease that will last the life of your business in a location that really can’t grow with you?

We’re not saying WordPress is perfect. Just better.

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