Look, Know, Understand Your Analytics

How to Dominate Your Business by the Numbers

google analytics, facebook insights, what numbers should I be watching for my business, top analytics to pay attention toIt’s important (and fascinating!) tracking your business’ analytics and insights reports online. How are people finding you? What kind of content does your audience love most? What strikes them to comment and share with their friends?

These are just a few notes on the special pieces of information you can glean from regularly scheduled “look-sees” at your company’s stats. Let’s take a peek of the few of the most important, shall we?


Your reach is how many people your content “touches” on a daily basis. This is especially important for social media tracking. And, simply enough, the more reach the merrier!

You can increase your reach by using a few simple techniques such as watching what’s “trending” on social media and weaving something relevant into the conversation. For example, as we write this blog post, iconic talk show host David Letterman is about to retire. A feature of his show was his popular “Top Ten” lists. You could potentially tag the show with a link to your own top ten list relating to your company (e.g. “Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Business Coach”#laterletterman @davidletterman).


Engagement measures how many people are interacting with your content. This is the ideal situation for your Facebook content, in order. For example: Sharing (#1 method as it increases reach and touches more people), Commenting (increases engagement factor), and Liking.

Liking content is sort of like a “gold star”. It makes you feel good, but doesn’t do much for your numbers. Your goal should be content so irresistibly interesting and unique that your fans want to share the $#@& out of it to look cool and knowledgeable to their fans and followers.

Referral Sources

Referral sources are incredibly useful reports to look at on your web analytics. Essentially, this set of data gives you insight into where people are coming from when they find your website.

Social media is usually a top referral, self-generated usually by your content. The best use here is to share original content – such as blog posts (like this one!) and post it on your social media pages. In order to read more, your visitors will need to click on your post, whereby they end up on your webpage, and, oh how convenient – they can set an appointment/purchase your product/sign up for your event right there! What a novel idea!

And, if your heaviest referral sources are coming from Google, that means you’re rocking it out with your SEO. People are searching for you and finding you. Woo hoo!

Using the Tools

Try checking your analytics reports weekly, monthly and quarterly to decipher trends and learn more about your prospects out there. If certain topics are getting more hits than others, it’s time to dive deeper into that subject, posting more frequently and exploring the depths of the subject.

If you want to improve your referral sources online to trend toward more successful Google organic searches, try going through your website and weaving in more relevant SEO terms and phrases. Write more blog posts about your client’s pains and problems and how you have the unique ability to solve them.

If you keep on a regular schedule of monitoring your analytics, you will be head of the class when it comes to understanding who is stopping by your site.

Stay tuned for more tips on analytics and insights….and, if you want advice from a professional on your website, contact us today.


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