The Awesome Community that is WordPress

We knew WordPress was awesome for plenty of reasons. But this? Way to go WordPress!

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Socially conscious organizations are a showing of positive change in the world. WordPress supports and encourages giving, diversity, education, mentorship and multi-media – just to name a few.

Our favorite selections:

  • WordCamp Central Annual Conference
  • Non-Profit Site Builds
  • Diversity Outreach
  • Mentorship Programs
  • Internship/Who’s Hiring Directory

By the way, WordCamp Central?

This is a really big deal annual conference put on by local communities, featuring expert speakers on all things WordPress. And…guess what?

Our very own Diane Whiddon, owner and founder of Novel Website Design, has been asked to be a guest speaker.

Save the date: Saturday, June 13 & 14. More details to follow.

The WordPress Community Team site just launched in February 2015 and they are still looking for volunteers, educators, techs and more. What a great way to get involved with an uber-hip movement, learn, and give back to the community. It shows they are truly an organization that is growing positively in the right direction. It’s socially conscious, community, and education-focused projects point the organization towards longevity and as a leader in website platforms.

Yep! Just another reason why we love WordPress. Read even more WordPress tips here.

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