Another WordPress Benefit? You Actually Own Your Website.

Did you know that many website design companies and DIY website building programs actually own your website – not you?

Wordpress and hearts
Mad WordPress love

Think of the hours of effort, learning, sweating, and swearing that it takes to build your site on one of those platforms.  Then, imagine that you’d  like to move it to different hosting. Too bad.  Part of building it on their platform is keeping it on their platform.  Where you build it, it will stay.  No matter what.

Part of why we love Wordprss is the complete freedom it grants our clients.  You want to move or change your site?  You always can with us and WordPress.

And you’ll have a powerful, community-based, open source, content management system platform (a what?) to work in. It’s just the best option out there.

Choose wisely.  Choose WordPress.

Read about all the bells & whistles Novel Website Design provides. When you shop quality, you get personal, customized service. Go with a pro for something this crucial. Then, we give you all the tools you need to endlessly update and tinker away whenever you feel like it. Because it’s your website, and because it’s WordPress, you own it.

Read more tips and reasons why WordPress is the best platform for your company website.


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