3 Reasons Why You Need Variations of Your Company Logo

It’s a common trap.

Novel Website Design square icon logo
One version of our company logo.

Many solopreneurs or entrepreneurs with a brand new start-up biz (or the maturing business that thought to skip the logo creation step in the beginning) try to build their own logo with some “awesome free site” they found online, or they go with an amateur designer to save on costs.

Don’t do it.

One of the saddest things you’ll have to do as an entrepreneur is to have to completely change your logo because you can’t use it for all the purposes it serves.

Here are 3 reasons why you need multiple variations of your company logo.

  1. Swag

Sure, you clearly have swagger, because otherwise, you wouldn’t be a ridiculously awesome entrepreneur, now would you? We’re not talking about that though….we’re talking about the industry term “swag.” That means pens, towels, notepads, Frisbees, or whatever else you like to have to give out a tradeshows, to prospect, clients, whoever….to get your name out.

When you order these pieces of promotional merchandise, the vendor will ask you for an .eps file. “A what?” you may say. “Oh, you know, just send us over the vectorized version and we’ll get you all set up!” they tell you.

Well, they might as well have been speaking Chinese/Latin/Portuguese for all you know. And, now you have to go back to your designer and pay more to get it vectorized – all it means is a file that, when resized, does not become blurry and can maintain its dimensions no matter what type of product or sign it is put on.

One more tip? You probably need a black & white version too. Even if your logo is colorful and that’s the only way you want it seen, some swag companies can only do products in black & white – like pens. Or, you can constantly pay the higher prices for color everything….but why? Sometimes you really just don’t need to for these types of products. Save yourself some money later by getting a black & white version with your logo package.

  1. Social Media

If you’re active on social media, then you know that each one has different requirements as to the dimensions they prefer for your cover art and profile picture.

If you want to use your logo across the board on all of your social media platforms, but it doesn’t fit the required dimensions, you will be asked to resize. Well, great, again….back to your designer to pay more money to get your logo either re-designed or re-shaped. Save the money and time and get different sizes and versions from the beginning.

  1. Options

You’re an entrepreneur for lots of reasons. One is probably because you like to choose your own destiny. Well, don’t let your one-file logo hold you back then.

You want your logo designer to give you a collection. Some options to request are:

  • – horizontal version (great for Facebook and You Tube cover photos)
  • – abbreviated version (for example, the initials of your business)
  • – square version for general website use
  • – black & white version

We provide our clients with a collection of variations. Our logos are designed with practical usage in mind. We know and understand the frustration of not being able to use your logo when and how you want to. Better to follow these tips and do it right from the start.

Novel Website Design horizontal logo
Another version of our company logo.

Contact us to find out how we can help you create a logo that speaks your language and shows off your style and brand, or shoot us an email at hello@novelwebsitedesign.com.

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