What happens if I want to update my website later?

What happens if I want to update my website later?

Use WordPress to have the most flexibility and control over your website.  

Some web developers use internal software that you only have access to if you pay them.

WordPress is open source. Think: Free!

We don’t recommend putting yourself through the trial and error of setting up your WordPress site on your own, but once we’re done, we provide you with countless video tutorials and resources to update and tinker away as your business grows.

huh? thought cloudA common problem with some web design companies is that they design your website, you love it, then later when you want to update or make changes, they are nowhere to be found, or they want to charge exorbitant prices (again!). No thanks.

Empowering our clients is highly important to us.

We won’t “hold you ransom” for updates. If you ever want us to give your website a makeover, we always can, but we empower you to use and enjoy your site and continue to customize it even after we deliver it to you. The time you save having us build your WordPress site and the money you save afterward by being able to update on your own is a huge value.

And, WordPress is here to stay. There are over 60 million WordPress sites out there including ones you might use daily like Spotify and Forbes.com.

Get in with the greats and start something powerful from the beginning. And that’s just one more reason why WordPress is best. Get started on yours today.

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