The Best Way to Find New Clients

The Best Way to Find New Clients

Who are you? post-it noteYou’ve heard it all by now right? Advertising, networking, having a great website, branding, cold calling…pick your poison.

Guess what? None of it matters if you’re not writing in a way that speaks to your potential clients.

We’re taught to be super formal in school because that’s how others think your’e supposed to come off. Academic, scholarly, expert-ish.

But, are you being real? Or, are you just writing what you think you’re “supposed” to write according to all the research you’ve read or what you’ve been taught your writing is supposed to sound and feel like?

Well, it’s time to throw it all out the window and look in the mirror.

Yep. All the experts out there can do as much jibber jabbering as they want, but they’ll never be able to tell you how to write like you. And being you is the best way to attract potential clients. That’s the secret. When you write like a human, others relate. When you share your weaknesses, others relate. And, when you write authentically and consistently, your prospects will begin to trust you and the sales process begins.

who am I, how to attract clients I like working with, authenticity, authentic, make your website awesome, Diane Whiddon, Novel Website Design, quotes about authenticityHow to start, you may ask? I like this quote from the blog at, “Producing authentic content and staying true to your brand’s personality will help to engage readers on a personal level. It encourages them to share your information, and helps them to trust you and believe when you say you have their best interests at heart. Keeping it real builds a genuine relationship between your company and your customers, which will pay dividends in customer loyalty and long-term sales.”

“I need inspiration! Will you help me?” Yes….here you go:

– What’s a story of failure that turned into success, surprised you, or taught you something?

– What’s a story of your humble beginnings and how did part of it lead to where you are today?

– What’s a story about how your service or product had an unusual effect with one of your clients?

And, if you’re a one-person business…throw out the rule that you must use “we” to describe what you do. It’s totally okay to use “I” and, I encourage it! Let your readers know there’s a real person behind your words and you’ll start the trust building right off the bat!


Diane Whiddon
Diane Whiddon, Authenticity & Website Medicine Woman



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