3 Reasons WordPress is the Friendliest

3 Reasons WordPress is the Friendliest

Talk about user friendly. 

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WordPress & websites go together

WordPress is what we use, and it’s really the best web development platform out there. It’s the most easily searchable; it’s the most easily edited and modified; it’s open source and accessible to absolutely anyone, and it’s really easy to use!

1. For so many years in the history of sales and marketing, it was one-way – from the business, to the customer. Now, with the invent of blogging and social media, we are able to interact with our clients like never before. WordPress began as a blogging platform and expanded into what it is today. We’re proud to be an exclusively WordPress shop.

Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to set up your own site, we’ll take care of that (and make sure it’s got all the bells and whistles). But once we do, we give you oodles of help on how to do all sorts of fun things to your site – totally on your own. Freedom awaits.

2. You can add widgets to your site to showcase your social media, feature your latest tweets, or whatever else you dream up. You can even add call to action buttons and parallax scrolling (you might need us on that – it’s all the rage right now). Really, your mind is the limit!

3. To technie nerds like us, the best feature of WordPress is the squeaky-clean code. The best part of WordPress is the part you won’t actually see–the clean, simple code that makes search engines happy and gives you great SEO results.  Every site that we build is built on a solid framework.  It’s the most popular website framework for a reason.

And that’s just a few more reasons why WordPress is best! Ready to build? Start here.

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